Restoring colour (leather only)

On this page you can read more information about the Keralux® colour repair sets. Because yes, there are more than one!
But don't worry, we'll make sure you get the perfect set.


What is it?
A Keralux® colour repair set (CRS) is a color set that we create especially for you, with which you can refresh the original color of your leather. The set is complete with a custom color lotion, a powerful cleaner and includes all the accessories you need.

Suitable for?
You can camouflage small superficial scratches, light damage and craquelure with a CRS. Think of:

  • Damage due to use, such as wear on the piping.
  • Abrasions, for example by jeans.
  • Scratches, for example by nails.
  • Abrasions, as long as they are superficial.
  • Discolourations, for example due to direct contact with sunlight.

Note: no damage, stain or discoloration is the same. If in doubt, send a photo to:
Our experts are happy to take a look with you and tell you whether a CRS offers a solution for your application.

Help / step-by-step plan

The question is why you want to restore the color of your leather. Do you want to completely refurbish the sofa? Or just a little update? Our experts are happy to think along with you. In many cases you will get a better result with a little more work than 'just' coloring. You will then receive our advice, a step-by-step plan and all recommended maintenance products by e-mail. Our advice is always free. You then decide for yourself which products you do or do not order in the webshop.


Different kinds of colour
When you buy a new piece of furniture, you will notice that all relevant information about your leather is stated on the purchase receipt. Keep this well, because you need this information to select the right Keralux® colour repair set. Are you not in the possession of the purchase receipt? Don't worry, there are alternatives especially for you.

I DO know the leather specifications
Do you still have the purchase receipt, or do you know by heart which leather and which color it is? Then select the correct color from the drop-down menu. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Is your leather or colour code not listed? Please continue reading.

I DO NOT know the leather specifications  (or your colour doesn't show up on the list)
That can happen, especially when you take over furniture from someone or when the leather is decades old. In this case, there are a number of alternatives you can choose from. Option 1.) is our preference, because that way you can be sure that you will receive the correct colour.

Option 1.) Keralux® colour repair set | after sample
The best option is to send us a small leather sample. And no, you don't have to 'operate' your sofa to do this.
A small strip of leather about 1-4 centimeters (about half of your little finger) is enough! See also: Hint. Send the sample to our mailbox, stating your contact details. We will contact you automatically.

Tip: at the bottom of a piece of furniture, or behind a closure/zipper, the leather often overlaps by a few centimetres.
        Here you can usually cut away a small strip of leather invisibly.​

Option 2.) Keralux® colour repair set | standard colour (!)
Sometimes a piece of furniture is completely 'stitched up' and you cannot cut away a sample. Then a standard colour might be something for you. Take a view at the colour chart and compare the colours with the colour of your leather. Does one of the colours match your leather for approximately 95%? Then this would be a good solution. For example, a common standard colour is standard black. Are you in doubt? Then choose option 1, or continue reading.

Optie 3.) Keralux® colour repair set | RAL-number (!)
Do the above options not suite your situation? Then give us an official RAL-number, just like at the paint shop. To do this, go to the local paint/job shop and ask if they lend a RAL fan "classic". With this fan (or sometimes calles RAL-deck) you can determine the correct colour quite accurately. Please provide us with the correct RAL-number by sending us an email.

(!) Important
We make a difference between pigmented (P), aniline (A) and nubuck (N) colours. That is why we also offer three different standard colour sets. For a standard colour / RAL colour, indicate what type of leather it is. Do you need help with this?  Please contact us.

De Keralux® colour repair sets for options 2 & 3 are exlusively available on the website of LCK®:


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