On this page you can read a number of general tips that will help you keep your Leolux leather in top condition.
For more specific information about maintaining other materials, see the previous page.


People sometimes make the argument that leather 'lives'. And they're right! Only when the leather falls below a moisture content of 5% is it declared 'technically dead'. By nourishing the leather 2-4 times a year you ensure that it remains beautiful and intact for longer. If you do not maintain the leather, it will dry out and discolour more quickly. Also, the change of cleaning a stain will decline significantly when leather is left untouched.  

Picture: signs of dried out leather.

Maintaining leather is very simple. Dust off the furniture every week, or use a slightly damp cloth. You can also use a vacuum cleaner, make sure to use a clean and soft furniture attachment. Respond adequately to new stains and use the maintenance products from the recommended maintenance set every six months to keep the leather in top condition.

Respond to stains as quickly as possible, especially when it concerns stains that can damage the leather (vomit, urine). Take a look at our stains page to see what you can and cannot do with new stains.

Restoring colour
Does your Leolux furniture need a makeover? No problem! With a Keralux® colour repair set you can camouflage minor superficial damage, discolorations and scratches. The colour will be tailer-made for your application.

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Picture: Keralux® colour repair set.


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